Tamara Spencer

LERPS Instructor

Tamara Spencer dedicated 18 ½ years of her life to serving and protecting League City citizens. A native of Rochester, NY, Spencer relocated to the Houston area in 1975, graduating from J. Frank Dobie High School, and attending San Jacinto College.

Spencer got her start in law enforcement in 1997 as a League City Patrol Officer. After 10 years on the League City Police force, Spencer was promoted to Sergeant, and quickly stepped in to serve as a Special Operations Sergeant. She left the Department in 2016 as a day shift supervisor. Spencer was the second female sworn officer in the history of the department to have ever been promoted.

Tamara, a Master Peace Officer, has a long list of accomplishments and certifications including being certified and trained as a Standardized Field Sobriety test practitioner and instructor, State of Texas expert witness for DWI cases, mental health officer, bicycle and marine patrol officer, TCOLE certified instructor, Collision Avoidance Training instructor, Intoxilyzer Operator, Commander of the League City Honor Guard, advanced Accident Investigator, and a Crash Reconstruction Expert.

Tamara is also certified to teach Critical Incident Peer Support, and Suicide Prevention for Law Enforcement.

Tamara actively assisted in teaching and coordinating events for the League City Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association. She has numerous awards, including the 100 Club of Houston Officer of the Year, and the League City Police Department Medal of Valor. She was most proud of being honored during her career a sa special delegate to China for her involvement in organizing as exchange internship program for students of China’s Zhejiang Police College with Sam Houston State University and the League City Police Department.

After leaving League City PD, Tamara joined the Texas Municipal Police Association in 2016 as a Field representative for the Houston and East Texas Region. Tamara’s duties included assisting officers during critical incidents such as officer involved shootings, fatal crashes, and mental health support to include suicide interventions. Tamara also instructed numerous law enforcement classes around the state.

Tamara is now the full-time Staff Instructor for the FRIDAY (Focus on Reducing Impaired Driving Among Youth) and ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training) Programs . She continues to teach Critical Incident and Suicide Prevention course as well.

Tamara is married with four children and two granddaughters. Her husband James is currently the Assistant Chief of Police in League City.