Matt Rodriguez

Human Trafficking Instructor

Matt Rodriguez began his career in law enforcement as a Communications Operator for the St. Joseph, Missouri Police Department. Working full-time during the overnight shift, Matt attended and graduated from a law enforcement academy with a class A peace officer license.

From dispatching police, fire, and EMS, Matt gained invaluable experience working in a police setting before transitioning to a commissioned law enforcement officer. Since that time, Matt has had involvement in many facets of law enforcement to include patrol officer, patrol sergeant, and later lieutenant at the Chillicothe, Missouri Police Department. Matt also held secondary employment as a forensic interviewer with the North Central Missouri Children’s Advocacy Center during this time. Matt acquired his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration as an adjunct learner while employed full-time.

With approximately 10 years of police experience, Matt became a police officer at the Columbia, Missouri Police Department. Serving on the department’s crisis negotiation team for five years has been a highlight of Matt’s law enforcement background. Matt achieved a Certificate of Proficiency in Crisis/Hostage Negotiation through Crisis Systems Management, LLC. Matt underwent a selection process for his appointment to a specialty unit called the Community Outreach Unit (COU). As a member of the COU, Matt was assigned a geographic area where he was responsible for building relationships and partnerships with an underprivileged population. This role was very rewarding as Matt soon came to be known as “Officer Matt” to many of the area residents and children, whom otherwise may not have had any kind of positive relationship with the police.

With several years of law enforcement experience, Matt now works for the Office of the Missouri Attorney General as a commissioned investigator in the Anti-Human Trafficking Enforcement Unit. In this role, Matt works with law enforcement agencies across the state of Missouri, assisting with investigations relating to anti-human trafficking efforts. Under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, Matt also investigates businesses suspected of posing as a front for human trafficking.

With one child graduated from high school and two others still in school, Matt resides in Jefferson City, Missouri where he enjoys spending time watching his kid’s extra-curricular activities to include baseball, volleyball, and soccer. Matt and his family often return to his hometown of Brookfield, Missouri for a time of rest and relaxation with his parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews