Emily Russell

Human Trafficking Program Manager / Instructor

Since 2013, Emily Russell has dedicated her life to exposing the myths that surround the crime of human trafficking in an attempt to help citizens from all walks of life understand how this crime is relevant to them and possibly even their profession. She served in the field as a Crime Victim Advocate for the Missouri Sheriffs Association from 2013-2016, assisting victims of all crimes through the challenges of the justice system and using her platform to train hundreds of law enforcement professionals about human trafficking.

From 2015-2017, Russell sat on Missouri’s legislated Human Trafficking Task Force, where she heard testimony from dozens of Missouri anti-trafficking organizations, law enforcement and other intersecting professionals about the needs and challenges of combating human trafficking and serving victims.

In 2017, she was appointed Executive Director of the Human Trafficking Task Force for the Missouri Attorney General’s Office where she was committed to building a state-wide foundation for human trafficking response by collaborating with multiple disciplines to close existing gaps, make education and direct service resources more accessible and unite on-going anti-trafficking efforts.

Currently, as the Coordinator of Training & Resources for Attorney General Schmitt’s Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, her focus is to train law enforcement and act as a liaison to resources across the state for criminal justice professionals and service providers.