• The 256-page book reflects the most current doctrine in Crisis Negotiation in the US and promises to cover every aspect of crisis negotiation from dispatch to the operational debriefing. Weather resistant, 6 x 9, coil bound manual is the perfect fit for you 511s or your "go bag". Please contact us via email for international shipping arrangements.
  • In the event we are out of stock, please try here Held Hostage takes a chilling, insightful, and fascinating look at the crises faced by Dennis Flynn and the Las Vegas Negotiation team over the last 18 years.  Go behind the scenes of one of the busiest negotiation teams in the country, written by one of the most experienced negotiators on the planet.
  • Crisis Cops: The Evolution of Hostage Negotiations in America is a collection of stories from the beginnings of Crisis/Hostage negotiations throughout the country.
  • This Mobile Team Communication Kit (COMTEK) is your team's very own pocket-sized telephone communication system.  Perfect for situations where a full communication system deployment is not possible or ideal.  This kit allows officers to use a cell phone while still retaining many of the benefits of very expensive telephone communication systems.  This product is ideal for negotiation teams using a primary and secondary (coach) and still want the rest of the team to listen in for intelligence. Inquiries regarding device capabilities or bulk order pricing can be made directly to troydking@crisisnegotiation.us.

“Into the Chaos” is now available!

40 quick-reference chapters provide guidelines for dispatchers, first responders, CIT officers, crisis negotiators, corrections personnel, tactical operators, and law enforcement managers.