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This Mobile Team Communication Kit (COMTEK) is your team’s very own pocket-sized throw phone.  Perfect for situations where a full communication system deployment is not possible or ideal.  This kit allows officers to use a cell phone while still retaining many of the benefits of full throw phone systems.  This product is ideal for negotiation teams using a primary and secondary (coach) and still want the rest of the team to listen in for intel.

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The Mobile Communication Team Kit, also known as a COMTEK, was designed to support the function of a communication team, where there is a primary, a communication coach, and others who would benefit from hearing the negotiation such as intelligence gatherers and supervisors.

The COMTEK is small, compact and lightweight and can be placed in the “go-bag” of crisis negotiators, CIT officers or anyone who may end up in a critical telephone conversation which would benefit from the support of a communication team. Because of its affordable price of only $319 every team member can have their own, so that whoever shows up on scene first will be ready to make a critical phone call, even before other team equipment arrives.

The COMTEK uses an in-ear microphone which is placed in the primary’s ear so that the audio of any telephone placed against that ear is captured and distributed to the other parts of the team. Because the ear speakers on all telephones project the audio of both ends of the conversation, others listening via the COMTEK will be able to hear the subject speak as well as the primary.

This audio-sharing is accomplished because the microphone in the primary’s ear is plugged into a matched digital recorder which boosts the microphone’s signal and sends it out to earphones worn by the coach and to an amplified speaker which can be placed at a distance from the primary and used as a hub for others to monitor the negotiation. All of these components fit into the amplified speaker case.

Patrol officers and CIT officers no longer need to “go it alone” when calling into a suicidal subject’s home. The COMTEK allows others to support the primary’s efforts through monitoring and pursuing intelligence, as well as keeping other on-scene responders up to speed regarding developments in the negotiation such as threats, plans to surrender, what the subject says he is seeing of the law enforcement response, and more.

NOTE: This kit does not include a phone.  It is designed to work WITH any phone, specifically a standard cell phone.

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