Project Description

This one-day (8-hour) class was specifically designed for all first responders (police, fire, EMS, dispatchers), regardless of rank. First responders face many dangers on the job. Training is readily available for addressing officer safety from an armed assailant standpoint. But training stops short of addressing officer safety from an officer wellness standpoint. Trained officers are more confident, competent, and capable when aware of all the dangers of the job. This course is about personal empowerment – It is about surviving and thriving behind the badge.

Course Objectives: Upon completion learners will: develop skills to effectively manage anger; recognize stress in themselves and in peers; understand the importance of maintaining a healthy heart; recognize how the occupational culture influences health; know the ins and outs of asking for help; develop strategies for identifying those in need; and recognize key indicators for suicidal first responders through awareness and prevention.

Course length:  8-hours

Audience: Police, Fire, EMS, Corrections, Dispatchers, and Administrators