Police Suicide: You Don’t have the Right to Remain Silent

Police Suicide: You Don’t have the Right to Remain Silent2017-07-23T08:34:30+00:00

Project Description

Upon completion, learners will recognize the signs and symptoms associated with depression and suicidal ideation; identify contributing factors of police suicide; possess a general knowledge of suicide theories; will implement the ACT principle; will explain the role of police culture on officer wellness; will identify positive and negative characteristics of police culture; will recognize the role of self-medication in cases of completed suicide, suicidal ideation, and in misdiagnosis of mental health issues; will be able to point out officers in need of professional mental health services; and will demonstrate a general knowledge of communication skills used to assist officers in need; and will possess a vast array of resources necessary to assist their fellow officer or themselves.

Course length: 8-hours

Audience: Police Officers and Police Administrators

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