Texas Ranger John Vance is a 27 year veteran of Texas Law Enforcement and holds a Master Peace Officer Certification.  Ranger Vance began his career as a jailer, and later as a patrol deputy for the Walker County Sheriff’s Department in Huntsville, Texas.

After accepting a position of Texas State Trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Ranger Vance was assigned back to Walker County area.  In 2001 Ranger Vance promoted to the rank of Texas Highway Patrol Sergeant and transferred to Marshall, Texas.

While in Marshall, Ranger Vance assumed command of the District 1B Crash Reconstruction Team where he was relied upon in state court as an expert witness.  Ranger Vance was also became statewide Lead Instructor in Trigonometry and Geometry as it relates to Crash Reconstruction.  Ranger Vance has taught over 1,000 students in the field of Crash Reconstruction.

In 2008 Ranger Vance promoted to the Texas Ranger Division and was assigned to work Northeast Texas.  Ranger Vance assists in major investigations throughout Texas.  Ranger Vance instructs local law enforcement agencies in crime scene investigation and crime scene reconstruction.  In 2009, Ranger Vance became a Hostage Negotiator for the Texas Rangers Special Operations Group.  Shortly afterwards Ranger Vance began instructing in the field of Hostage Negotiations.  Ranger Vance has presented case studies and instructed other negotiators all over the United States and Canada.

In 2011 Ranger Vance became team leader of the Texas Department of Public Safety Region I Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Team.  The Region I Team provides service to 23 counties in North East Texas.  Ranger Vance is the lead instructor for all 85 negotiators within the Texas Rangers Special Operations Group.  Ranger Vance is the Region II Vice President for the Texas Association of Hostage Negotiations.

Ranger Vance holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Sam Houston State University in Criminal Justice with a minor in Speech Communications.  He holds certifications as a, Law Enforcement Instructor, Firearms Instructor, DPS Weapons Armorer, Hostage Negotiations, Advanced Crime Scene Investigations, Homicide Investigations, Bloodstain pattern Analysis, Human Tracker, and Special Investigations Topics from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement with over 4,500 hours of accredited training.