8 Hours

Human Trafficking: It’s Not What You Think is an-depth analysis of Human Trafficking with special emphasis on recognizing the signs of a human trafficking victims and offenders. This course is appropriate for anyone working in law enforcement, healthcare, education, emergency response, or other government operations; and, for anyone in the corporate sector from small businesses to large industries.  This course is especially important for those who are in a position to ACT on behalf of human trafficking victims.   

The course is designed to broaden the understanding of the types of human trafficking beyond the kidnapping of an individual forced into sexual servitude or labor enslavement.  Recognizing indicators of human trafficking, that may otherwise go unnoticed, demonstrating the impact of trauma, and identifying best practices for communicating with a human trafficking victim prepares attendees to describe and report human trafficking effectively.  

Furthermore, analyzing the exploitation of drug dependency by the trafficker provides insight on the domination and control seen in the intersection of the drug trade and human trafficking.   

This course highlights the importance of a multi-disciplinary, community-based approach to the identification and mitigation of human trafficking. Attendees will also receive information on how to establish, activate, and coordinate a multi-agency human trafficking task force as well as the need for victim services in collaboration with law enforcement investigations.   

The skills gained in this course may help liberate an exploited person of human trafficking by recognizing indicators not previously considered, and by understanding how human trafficking occurs in communities throughout the United States.

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