What is your cancellation policy?

Please refer to THIS PAGE to find the complete description of  our cancellation policy.

What does it take to host a course?

First, you’ll need to contact us to schedule a contract course or an open enrollment course (see below for info on this). You will need to provide the location for the program, which will include a teaching area that can seat 33 people comfortably and 10 rooms for practice scenarios (many teams use dormitories or hotels rooms). The host agency will need to fill a minimum of 22 paid registrants and will be required to assist CSM in promoting the course and finding registrants.

What are the benefits to hosting a course?

Hosting is the most cost effective way to get your entire team to a course.   It eliminates travel costs entirely.  There are also special student discounts for host agencies.

How much lead time does it take to schedule/host a course?

60 days for a Contract Course and 90 days for an Open Enrollment Course.

What the difference between a Contract Course and an Open Enrollment Course?

A Contract Course requires the host agency to pay the entire cost of the course up front.  This guarantees your class will not be cancelled due to low attendance.  Open enrollment courses are paid as seats fill up, and registrants pay.  In this case, if a course is not filled up (minimum of 22 students) the course will be cancelled or will have to be rescheduled.

How much does it cost to attend a course?

Attending courses can cost anywhere from $0 to $725.  Look at our calendar for prices of specific events, or contact us for a quote for hosting a course.

I am an experienced negotiator. Can I skip the basic level I course prior to attending a level II or level III?


How do I go about getting grants/funding for courses?

Many times, special funding can be procured for law enforcement training, though at times it requires research and grant writing.

Where can I go to find courses near me?

Visit our Events page for more information on our upcoming events.