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Morning Session Only - Troubled Youth$40.00Morning Session Only - Troubled Youth
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Afternoon Session Only - Emotional Skills$40.00Afternoon Session Only - Emotional Skills
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Full Day - Both Classes - Troubled Youth and Emotional Skills$60.00Full Day - Both Classes - Troubled Youth and Emotional Skills

Course Descriptions
These are two separate sessions. You may register for each separately, or save money by
registering for these courses together.

This 4-hour course is designed to provide law enforcement first responders, CIT officers, school
resource officers, mental health crisis negotiators and tactical operators, a behavioral composite
of school shooters in the United States – sometimes referred to as the ‘Classroom Avenger.”
The presentation will begin with a historical review of school shooters in the United States, along
with perspective on what each of those incidents have in common from an operational and
behavioral standpoint. We will also discuss the psychological and sociological aspects of the
“Classroom Avenger” with special emphasis on mental health factors, communication and deescalation
This course is not an ‘active assailant’ course, nor is it intended to suggest that communication
is an acceptable alternative to an active assailant situation. This course is designed to give
responders and others in a position to intervene a broader understanding of the pre-incident
behavioral indicators, subject motivation, dynamics of the incident and practical guidelines for
$40 per person for first session only

This enlightening presentation helps crisis negotiators understand the components of
emotional intelligence and how each impact the ability to connect with those in crisis as well
as function as an effective member of the team. Attendees will learn specific techniques for
sharpening their emotional skills as it relates to crisis negotiation. Techniques will address how to
manage your own emotions during a crisis event and recognize and understand other people’s
emotions. As an essential component of emotional fitness, we will also address the importance
of the positive ‘collective mood’ of a team and its impact on the subject, team mates and the
overall mitigation effort.
Although designed as a course for crisis negotiators, it is also appropriate for CIT officers and
emergency dispatchers.
$40 per person for second session only

Register for both courses for $60 per person

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