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Date: October 11-12, 2018
Location: Ft Collins Police Department, Colorado
Cost: $25/student

Emotional Skills for Crisis Negotiators

This enlightening presentation helps crisis negotiators understand the components of emotional intelligence and how each impact the ability to connect with those in crisis as well as function as an effective member of the team. Attendees will learn specific techniques for sharpening their emotional skills as it relates to crisis negotiation. Techniques will address how to manage your own emotions and recognize and understand other people’s emotions. As an essential component of emotional fitness, we will also address the importance of the positive collective mood of a team and its impact on the subject, team members and the overall mitigation effort.

Advanced Communication Techniques

Attendees will learn effective questioning techniques with persons in crisis and appropriate responses based on the “clusters of five.” Attendees will learn how to say “no,” how to show empathy and how to develop and apply a communication strategy during crisis negotiation. Attendees will learn how to effectively diffuse emotions using the PEARLS Model.

Negotiating with Returning Combat Veterans

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and the high suicide rate within the Department of Defense demand a closer look at the law enforcement response to a combat veteran in crisis. We will explore contemporary issues facing combat veterans as well as specific negotiation strategies, including ‘grounding’ for a successful resolution.

Developing Deliberate Strategy in Crisis Negotiation

By it’s very nature, crisis incidents are chaotic and unpredictable. Frequently, crisis negotiation teams get caught up in the chaos without a clear direction for progress. In this presentation, attendees will learn elements of a deliberate crisis negotiation strategy based on an established structure placing emphasis on frequent risk assessments, structured brainstorming, and the establishment of clear goals and objectives.