8 Hours

The Introduction to Crisis Negotiation for Dispatchers Course is a practical introductory course of instruction for dispatchers, dispatcher supervisors and dispatcher trainers.

The course is designed to prepare dispatchers to mitigate crises involving barricaded subjects, suicidal subjects, hostage takers, and others presenting behaviors associated with suicide-by-cop with special emphasis on those experiencing a mental health crisis.

This course reinforces the critical nature of interface between dispatchers, first responders of all types as it relates to de-escalation and crisis intervention.

Students will learn the fundamental requirements of a unified law enforcement response to a crisis incident, including pre-incident planning, the roles of dispatchers and first responders, containment, security, and risk management.

Effective communication as a core competency will address the Behavioral Influence Stairway Model, Active Listening Skills (ALS), and the role of rapport and influence as it relates to crisis intervention.

At the heart of a well-managed incident is well-managed information and intelligence. Students will learn how to gather, manage and relay information during a crisis.

Many crisis incidents involve suicidal ideations and intent.  Students will learn how to recognize suicidal indicators, assess the immediacy of suicidal intent and apply suicide intervention techniques.

Training Objectives:
1.     Coordinate with first responders during crisis call
2.     Apply actively listening skills
3.     Manage information and intelligence
4.     Apply suicide intervention techniques