Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office deputies were able to successfully get a suicidal woman away from the ledge of a bridge.

Local news reported that around noon Monday, a woman was seen standing on the edge of the Oscar Stauffer Viaduct at SE 6th and Jefferson. A witness to the incident said the woman appeared ready to jump. She had one leg over the barrier rail.

Deputies were sent to the scene and engaged the woman in conversation as the bridge was blocked off.

About 20 minutes into the ordeal, officers were able to talk the woman away from the the edge of the bridge. For about a minute, she spoke calmly with officers moving to the center of the bridge before she bolted for the other edge of the viaduct.

Officers surrounded the combative woman and placed restraints on her. She was then transported for mental health evaluation.

The Topeka Capitol-Journal contributed to this report