Ms. McMahon is a retired Special Agent of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division.

Ms. McMahon currently trains Crisis/Hostage Negotiation for the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center, Johnston Iowa and The Center for Advanced Technical Law Enforcement Training and for the Department of Defense.

In a variety of environments, Ms. McMahon has served as a member of a crisis response team, and has negotiated numerous hostage, barricade subjects and potential suicide incidents. In addition to her practical experience, Ms. McMahon has authored Crisis Response Plans, has planned, executed and supervised major crisis response training exercises, and has published numerous professional articles on a variety of law enforcement topics, including crisis negotiation and crisis negotiation training.

Since 2012, Ms. McMahon has facilitated major regional and state-wide crisis negotiation challenges throughout the United States.

Ms. McMahon specializes in developing training and scenarios for negotiation with special populations, including returning veterans, sovereign citizens, troubled youth and the elderly.

Ms. McMahon is currently the Training Director for the Missouri Association of Crisis Negotiators and is a member of the Missouri and Florida Associations of Hostage Negotiators, as well as the USACIDC Agents Association and the Military Police Regimental Association and speaks regularly at conferences throughout the United States.